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Lihong Exhibition Inc. is a company dedicated in exhibition design and fabrication, commercial design and SI system. Our people are the reason why Lihong is a forerunner in exhibit industry. We are passionate to craft inspiring holistic solutions to help brands connect with their prospects at shows.

In addition, our 3 facilities are deployed at 1st tier cities in China, which includes Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing.

Award  (2004-2018)

Recognized as Green Exhibit by 123rd Canton Fair in 2018 Oct.

Recognized as Great Exhibit Producer by CICPE in 2018 Apr.

Won 7 medals at the 122nd Canton Fair "Green Booth Award": two gold awards, three silver awards, and two popularity awards

Award the certificate of Enterprise Credit AAA grade in 2017 Jul.

Recognized as Green Exhibit by 120th Canton Fair in 2017 Feb.

Recognized as Great Enterprise by government in Guangzhou in 2017 Feb.

President Avis Yeung was awarded Great Entrepreneur by government in Guangzhou in 2017 Feb.

Recognized as Great Contract Performer 2016

Recognized as Green Exhibit by 119th Canton Fair in 2016 June.

Award Great Service Provider Prize in Guangzhou in 2016 Feb.

Avis Yeung was awarded Outstanding Contributor in 2016. Feb

Awarded Credited Exhibition Cooperation in Guangzhou in 2015 Jan.

Recognized as Green Exhibit by 115th Canton Fair in 2014

Certified ISO9001 by CQC in China in 2014 Sept.


Our bottom line is optimizing clients benefits and bring your brand message to life. We always believe a immersive design can build the authentic visitor experiences at show. This is how brands truly engage with their prospects. This is why brands believe us.


First Phase: We optimized the scale of company and facilities. With Marketing oriented, the mentor started the staff training and marketing course. We tried our best to qualify the staffs and services.

Second Phase: While we improved the design team and account team, we were strengthening the business relationship with our clients. In addition, the craft and materials were developed.

Third Phase: While the outer resource was integrated, we were keeping qualifying our new blood and scaling up our service range which included commercial design and museum design.

Forth Phase: In the next 5 years, we will keep dedicated into custom exhibit. In addition, the brand image and marketing would be developed for catering the new trends. Our final goal is going public.

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